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Tour & Activities

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Sabah is widely to be the home of ecotourism in Malaysia. This Land Below the Wind offers numerous opportunities to enable adventurous visitors to explore the enchanting beauty of its naturally occurring flora & fauna.

The fact that WWP is home to the unique Proboscis Monkey adds to the extravaganza of many highlight, making WWP a must visit spot in your calendar.

Enjoy daily visits, or perhaps a 2 days 1 night stay (its your choice!) at the WWP and experience wildlife encounters is River Cruise journey along the Nabahan River & Siudan Rivers, where the Proboscis and/or Long & palm trees (Nipah) may greet your visit.
You may also enjoy Recreational Fishing activities/trips within the area, where Fresh Giant Prawn & mud crabs await you. If not, you may fish using traditional fishing equipment's or modern fishing gears.

Experience local communities traditional music from a musical instrument called "Gambus" and a must try local Food (Ambuyat).

Our available tour itineraries

  • Evening Safari Tour
  • 2 Days 1 Night Tour

4.30pm   Hi tea (Enjoy local cakes made by the local communities with coffee/ tea).
5.00pm   River Safari (Discover wildlife by cruising up the river such as birds, otters, monkeys like Long Tail Macaques, Silver Leaf Langurs and Proboscis Monkey. When night falls, with good weather a beautiful sunset and crocodiles too if we’re lucky).
6.30-7.00pm     Dinner (Enjoy sumptuous buffet of local cuisines cooked by local communities to your Heart’s desire).

Fireflies Safari (Journey along the mangrove river to explore the night life of the Amazing fireflies)

    End of Journey.
  Tour Packages, Services and custom made tours can be arranged upon request.

Day 1  
1400hrs   Depart from Kota Kinabalu City, a scenic drive through country side takes approx. 2hours to reach the historical Town so-called Weston. Upon arrival, check in at reception counter then free at leisure.
1630hrs   Light refreshment to be served (Traditional Cakes & Coffee/Tea).
1700hrs   Depart from Jetty on a fiberglass boat to search unique monkey from an old world monkey, which only can be found on the 3rd largest Island in the World “BORNEO”, the Proboscis Monkey. Other wildlife can be spotted such as silver langur, long tail macaque, crocodile, smooth otter and birds.
1830hrs   Heading back to the restaurant for dinner (Traditional Malaysian Food) while enjoying dinner if the weather permit golden sunset could be viewed from the restaurant.
1900hrs   By night fall after dinner heading back to the same boat to witness an amazing insect known as “Firefly” where the dark mangrove forest is lightened up like Christmas trees.
1930hrs      End of tour.
Day 2  
0630hrs   Depart from Jetty on a fiberglass Boat for Morning Cruise, to the one of remarkable pristine mangrove forest to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. And passing through magnificent scenery of the fishing village.
0800hrs   Heading back to Jetty for Breakfast (American Breakfast).
0900hrs   Free at leisure.
1130hrs   Lunch (Ala-carte menu).
1230hrs   Depart from Weston to Kota Kinabalu City.
  End of tour.
  Tour Packages, Services and custom made tours can be arranged upon request.